I am PhD candidate working in the fields of media studies, STS/history of technology, and cultural studies interested in the relationships between digital media, capitalism, and nature.  My current work focuses on drones as figurative and material objects:  two forthcoming projects outline a cultural and political genealogy of drone, and consider the problems and implications of mediating living things in the name of creating remote-controllable, organic drones.  My upcoming dissertation is tentatively titled Data Farm:  Drones, Ecology, and the Future of Food.  It will consider the role of drones in shaping “precision agriculture” – the application of digital media and big data techniques to farming – in the US, focusing on how people use and think about domestic drones in relation to issues of environment, digital culture, and food systems.  Ultimately, these issues relate to broader questions of power, identity, human exceptionalism, tech culture, foodways, and the role of capitalism in shaping the above that I hope to explore in greater depth with this project.

I am a dual-major PhD in the Dept. of Communication and Culture and the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, enrolled in the Film & Media Studies and Computing, Culture and Society programs, respectively.